Southeast Renewable Fuels, LLC
is the parent company with interests in biofuel refineries, biofuel importing and agricultural fertilizer products. Markets include the U.S, Caribbean and Europe.

Our executive team is committed to responsible business management practices, which drive SRF's aggressive, but well planned, growth strategy.

SRF never loses sight of its overall mission objectives.

  • To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • To lessen national dependency on foreign oil

  • To create long term employment opportunities

  • To help meet our customers' energy demands with environmentally friendly products and economically responsible business practices

Executive Management Team

Aaron Pepper - Chief Executive Officer
BS, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, 1972. Former Physical Education teacher,NYC, 1972-1974.
Founder and President of Starline, Inc., worldwide renowned poster and school products licensee of
the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, along with numerous rock star and children's properties. Founder and
President of Winners, Inc., a chain of retail sports licensed product stores. Sold both extremely
successful businesses. Since then, has been proactive in the real estate business. Recognizing an
emerging opportunity for biofuels in Florida, founded Southeast Renewable Fuels, Llc., in 2007.
Mr. Pepper has numerous years' experience in business development at the executive level.

Carlos Rionda, P.E. – President
Mr. Rionda was Vice President of Florida Crystals Corporation and General manager and Vice President of Osceola Farms Company, a subsidiary of Florida Crystals Corporation. Prior to that Mr. Rionda was the CEO of the World Wide Group, Gang-Nail Systems, based in Florida and reported to the Managing Director of Redland PLC, in the United Kingdom. Mr. Rionda has significant manufacturing, engineering and management experience of process industries. Additionally, he has expertise in metal stamping and fabrication, hydraulics, sugarcane harvesting, transport and processing and shipping logistics of raw sugar and molasses.

Don Markley – Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer
Don Markley became Chief Operating Officer ,U.S. and a director of Losonoco, Inc. in July 2006. Before joining the company, Mr. Markley worked with Malcolm Pirnie Inc. as an employee or consultant since 1990, with experience in all aspects of solid waste management programs, including recycling, waste-to-energy, and resource recovery facilities. His experience includes: project development, permitting and design phases, contract negotiations, construction and operations monitoring. In addition, Mr. Markley served as a resident construction manager on five waste-to-energy facilities in Florida with a value of over $1 billion in capital improvements. As a Senior Project Manager, he was responsible for providing contract implementation and oversight,
including permitting and design phases, contract negotiations, construction, and operations monitoring for waste-to-energy and resource recovery facilities in the following locations: Broward County, Florida; the city of Tampa; the counties of Lee and Lake in Florida; Fairfax County in Virginia;, and Union County Utilities Authority in New Jersey. Before he joined the company, Mr. Markley oversaw operations on behalf of municipal owners of facilities processing more than 3.5 million tons of municipal waste and recycling material annually. Before his association with Malcolm Pirnie Inc., Mr. Markley worked as a field engineer for Hayden-Wegman Consulting Engineers, Inc. for the design, construction and start-up of the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County Resource Recovery Facility.


Jerry Paul
Mr. Paul, a nuclear engineer and attorney, is the President and Managing Member of Capitol Energy Llc., a government affairs consulting firm specializing in energy related matters. Jerry formerly served as the elected representative of Florida's 71st district in the Florida House of Representatives. His primary areas of focus have been energy, environment, national and homeland security. He is well-recognized both in Florida and Washington, D.C. as a leading voice on energy policy and government's role in energy transformation. He also serves as the Distinguished Energy Fellow on the faculty at the University of Tennessee, Howard Baker Center for Public Policy.

Mr. Paul formerly served as America's Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Administrator of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Appointed by Pres. Bush in Feb. 2004 and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. As COO, he managed the NNSA enterprise which includes its budget of $10 Billion and 37,000 federal, military and contractor personnel charged with carrying out the national security responsibilities of the U.S. Department of Energy. Some of his responsibilities included ensuring the reliability, security and safety of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons complex, reducing the global threat of nuclear proliferation and the spread of weapons of mass destruction, providing the U.S. Navy with safe, efficient nuclear propulsion power plants for its submarine and aircraft carrier fleet and responding to nuclear and radiological emergencies both in the U.S. and worldwide.
Mr. Paul currently serves as an appointed member of the Congressionally authorized, National Academy of Sciences Study Committee for the Evaluation of Quantification of Margins and Uncertainty Methodology Applied to the Certification of the Nation's Nuclear Weapons Stockpile.

Dr. Marco Antonio Baez

Post Doc work at MIT in Cambridge, Mass.

Ph.D. and MSc.-Kings College London, University of London, England

MBA – Monterrey Tech., Mexico.

20 years experience in industrial biotechnology and renewable energy space.

Strong track record for directing/project management of research and development operations in Europe, South America & U.S. Innovation and commercialization integration of systems biology, genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. Strain and fermentation process development experience for the production of enzymes, biopolymers and therapeutic proteins. Strong experience cellulosic biomass to biofuels, biorefineries and green chemistry. Holds several patents and participated in peer review platform programs for various agencies.

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